That’s a Wrap

Well, lads. We’ve officially reached Week 12 of the second semester of uni, and I really don’t think there’s been a bigger anticlimax for us final years. Until we receive our degrees (doubtful at this point) from the postman while wearing our jammies, instead of on a big fancy stage in gowns and even fancier outfits.

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@UUJ take note.

One thing that’s stopping us from celebrating our final week of uni being “over” is the impending doom that is the Dissertation deadline next week. Like, I genuinely never thought I could hate something I cared about this much? I remember at the start of final year, I naively thought, “You know what? I reckon a dissertation will be GRAND, because like, it’s only 10,000 words, PLUS we get to write about something we actually care about. It’ll be really interesting”. HA.

Interesting? Yes. Grand? No.

But, it’s only 9 more days until Dissertation Freedom. It’s gonna be a bit of a mental homestretch but a homestretch nonetheless. YAY.

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Me submitting my Turnitin Diss 2 mins before submission closes

I actually can’t believe that my four years at university are over. Like, that’s actually WILD. I know everyone always tells you that it “flies in” but like wow, they are not wrong. I suppose having 6 weeks of strikes and finishing lectures in week 5 because of a pandemic really speeds up the process, but still.

I’ve really enjoyed my past four years and I’m really sad for it to be over. Purely because I’ll miss my mates and having no adult responsibilities, like I’m not ready for the real world yet. I had a taste of it on placement and I’m not a fan lads, not gonna lie. I’m going to miss being able to just go for lunch or coffee as a reward for watching a 2 hour PowerPoint presentation. I’m gonna miss 9 hour weeks and 24-week years. I’m gonna miss my student discount 😦

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But, you have to look on the bright side. At least I won’t have any more assignments, exams or DISSERTATIONS. I don’t need to spend hours and hours writing pretty notes in coloured pens. I don’t need to feel so exhausted and stressed that I need a break, and then feel guilty for taking that break and doing nothing. I won’t need to feel guilty about taking a “day off”. I don’t need to worry about coming home and having to spend a couple of hours doing more work.

There’s a hell of a lot of things I’m really going to miss about uni, but I have to say, the constant pressure and stress AIN’T one of them.

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Constant mood

Looking back, I’ve really learned a lot over the past few years. Obviously I learned a lot about advertising and marketing etc, like I did pay £4,000 a year for that so I should EXPECT to learn about it. But, I learned about a lot of other things, too.

I moved out so learned all about living by myself and with other people, I learned about time management, coping with stress, looking after myself, juggling a social life with a job and a degree. I did a placement year so got a hell of an insight into the real world and working 9-5 and everything that comes with it. I also learned how to cook daal.

But most importantly, I learned how much I need the friends I made. I’ve met the most amazing gals ever and I can’t believe I didn’t have them in my life until 4 years ago. I’m sure they feel the same about me, of course. Surviving final year, dissertations and self-teaching a degree because of CONSTANT strikes and the odd pandemic, really forms a bond that can never be broken.

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It’s mad to think that four years ago, I was just a naive wee first year who hadn’t a baldy what she wanted to do, or was about to do for the next few years. Now, I still haven’t a baldy what I want to, but that’s not the point of uni. I have no grad job lined up, no desire to start looking right now, and no clue what I’m good at. But, I’ve got class mates, fab memories, and I’ve had an absolute GEG (bar the past few months).

Yeah, four grand a year’s a bit steep like, but sure can you put a price on gegs, mates and memories?

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Plus, thanks to the incoming economic disaster and collapse of the job market, I might never earn enough to have to pay the debt off!! Every cloud!!

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Under Pressure

I hope you read that in the tune of the ‘Queen’ song. If you didn’t, go back and try again.


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You better look like this.

ANYWAY. Final year is a pretty pressure-filled year.

Exams. Assignments. Dissertations. Trying to get the most out of your student discount before it runs out. Not to mention the constant STRIKES.

Then, once you get past all that, there’s the ~small~ issue of trying to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life and actually get a job. Agh.

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We have so much to be doing, and we’re stretched pretty thin as is. The last thing we need is people pressuring us to apply for jobs.

“Uni should be your main concern”, but “you need to apply for jobs while you’re still at uni.” “It’s important to look after yourself and wind down in your spare time”, but, “in your spare time you should be writing CVs, cover letters, applications, interviews, psychometric tests and assessment centres”.


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“If 1 USD = 2 GBP, how many Yen can you get with 5 EUR?”

A lot of people might want to join grad schemes, fair enough if they do. But, I think a good amount of students apply for grad schemes because they feel pressured to get a job sorted ASAP and start work like the day after graduation. Being realistic, we’re going to be working until we’re 75 at this rate (if we’re still around like, @global warming). So, what difference does it make if we start in July, or December?

Why is there so much pressure to jump straight into the job market, which is a mess anyway? Thanks again, boomers. Once you start working, it’s pretty hard to stop. It’s not as easy to take a ‘career break’ and head away off to Canada for a year, as it is to head away off BEFORE you start working. Get it out of your system and then settle down to serve capitalism for the rest of your life. Dream big.

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“3 more years til I qualify for state pension”

Apparently the average millennial has 14 jobs in their lives, and the way “careers” work is changing. It’s no longer the norm to start a job after you graduate and stay in it for 35 years. People move about. People have several jobs in several years. And that’s okay. Nothing stands still. We’re always told how “fast-paced” and “dynamic” the world is these days, so why should we be expected to stand still and stay in the same job forever?

The reason people might leave a job after like 6 months or a year might be because they haven’t a notion what they actually want to do, but this sure as hell isn’t it. Maybe if they spent a bit of time thinking about it and figuring it out after they graduated, they’d go into a job they actually wanted and liked and stay there for a bit longer. I think it’s better to wait a bit until you actually have a baldy what you want to apply for, rather than applying for the sake of being employed, and then being unemployed again pretty soon after because you hate your job.

So, being honest (my strong suit), chances are whatever job we start after graduation, we’re gonna quit eventually. I know, that’s the spirit, Niamh! Positive thinking!

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I just don’t get why university’s pressure you to get a job ASAP when you’re going to be working for like the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Can we not have a bit of fun before we do the whole 9-5 thing? What about holidays, travelling, and just having a geg in general?

I know we’re told that good jobs get snapped up pretty quickly. But, like, there’s always new jobs? Someone will quit their job (or be sacked), someone will get pregnant and go on maternity leave, someone better will go on paternity leave (like he goddamn SHOULD), and someone will retire. Someone else will take a career break and head to Benidorm for a few years, or maybe they’ll win the lotto (even though we know that’s fake). So, JOBS WILL COME UP. There will always be MORE JOBS.

It’s not like placement where you have a tiny window of when you can work, when you start a job and how many months you have to work there for. In final year, your window is like 40 YEARS BIG.

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I am Daniel, y’all are Betty

I’m personally a big believer in crossing bridges when I get to ‘em. So I think that applying for graduate jobs once you’re, well, an actual graduate makes sense. No point boasting about what you MIGHT get, why not boast about what you DID get?

Plus, spending hours and hours on applications etc instead of that time on your dissertation?  No thank YOU. What if you go travelling for a couple of months and ‘find yourself’ in Thailand (standard) or have an epiphany of what you want to do? Doesn’t taking some time to figure it out make more sense than blindly applying for jobs?

Then again, this is just a big justification for me not applying for anything. I think I’ve successfully convinced myself, even if I didn’t convince you.


Reasons I’m Excited to Go Back to Uni

Well, here I am. 9 months into placement. I could’ve had a BABY in that time, like a literal human. Isn’t that scary? Anyway, people always ask me if I’m looking forward to going back to uni next year, so here’s a lil list for you of why I kinda am:

*This is in no particular order, but this first one is the main reason

Clements in Jordanstown:
Low and behold, there is now a Clements in my uni campus. Rejoice and be glad. I reckon UUJ did it on purpose to lure us all back, I’m telling you now the attendance is going to go right up. Pre-lecture coffee date? Post-lecture coffee date? Instead-of-lecture coffee date? Thankin you.

The uni bubble:
Uni is this magical place where the real world doesn’t exist. Adulthood isn’t really a thing until you’re 40, your biggest responsibility is topping up the gas, and the ‘future’ is nothing more than a cheat liar rapper. When you’re in uni, nothing else matters. You get to forget about actually having to figure out what you want to do in life. You can postpone making actual life decisions for a whole other year. How fabulous.

Seeing friends:
I miss seeing my wee group of friends every day (well, three days a week but still). At the minute we’re all spread around the place (shoutout to Rachel for ditching to ENGLAND – and not consulting us first??). I can’t wait to see their lil faces and have a geg with them in the comfy purple seats on campus. And I’m sure they feel the exact same way about me. Deffo do.

Writing notes:
I’m one of those sad people that LOVES pens. My wee 4 coloured bic pen (the pink and green one, not the normal boring one) hasn’t been used all year and I can’t WAIT to do nice pretty coloured writing on notes I’ll keep forever and probably never read 🙂

My uni is actually really good about emailing us out relevant opportunities, like volunteering, different programmes and talks by industry professionals. Yeah, placement is a great way to get work and actually acting-like-an-adult experience, but there’s loads of things like the PANI programme and societies that you can’t actually do once you go out in the scary real world. It’s a good way to build up your CV before you graduate and compete with 8000 other people with similar degrees and work experience. Can’t wait.

Lunch dates:
As I’ve mentioned in several posts, ya girl misses going for lunch. It really makes you feel like a lady of leisure, wee post lecture lunch date before you all split off and pretend to do seminar work. I know fine rightly the people at West are concerned and miss me dearly. So it’s not just for my sake that I want to go out for lunch, think of the economy. Think of it.

Actually learning stuff:
Call me sad (please don’t, I’m fragile) but I actually like feeling like I’ve learnt something, you know that lil “a-ha” moment when you feel all smart because you learnt a long word or can show off to your ma when you’re home?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so much a fan of reading textbooks, journal articles, but learning from those wee powerpoints and “relevant” videos in class? Oof.

Obviously, I know from the past 2 years and siblings who’ve gone through final year that uni isn’t a holiday. So there are of course reasons I’m scared to go back -besides graduating and having to leave uni, although I could always do a master’s to postpone being a grown up…

Reasons I’m not excited to go back to uni:
1. Dissertation
2. Finals
3. Twenty grand of debt

But oh well, that’s September’s problem.