I Just Want Soap.

Well, in case you weren’t sick of reading about it already, this post is about the dreaded C-word that has taken over all news and media outlets, killed thousands and pretty much knocked the world for six.

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I live in a student house, and we’re running out of hand soap, as in ABOUT to run out. But, me and my housemates can’t get soap anywhere. We’ve one roll of toilet roll left, and we can’t actually get our hands on any of these gold-leaf paper rolls. People panic buying and bulk buying has meant that people like us, people like students, people with limited income, access to shops, and no cars, can’t buy things that we NEED.

My housemate pretty much LIVES on pasta, she has it literally every day for lunch (concerning, I know), and what’s she meant to do when it runs out? Apparently there’s a massive pasta shortage in shops now because people are buying in stuff 18-packs at a time.

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I wonder why no one wants the penne

I can’t do a big shop. I don’t have a big supermarket near me, I don’t have a car and there’s only so much a 5 foot 3 gal can carry – hint: not very much. I also can’t really afford to do a massive shop to last me 3 months, and even if I could, 1) it wouldn’t keep because like, stuff goes off ? and 2) I’ve nowhere to store it.

I went into Savers in today, where there was a massive queue of people trying to their very-well-sanitised hands on hand sanitiser. They had 400ml for £1.50. I KNOW. WILD. But, it was limited to 1 per customer. They had like hand sanitiser wipe thingys (never seen them before so not really sure what they were), limited to 2 per person. They only had like 15 bottles to start with and the girl in front of me got the last one. Ever get that scene in Serendipity where they both need the same pair of gloves? Like that, but less romantic and SHOCKINGLY, she didn’t want to share with me.

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People are buying things in here because apparently Ireland could be in ‘lock-down’ in like 2 weeks, but, even if I was to attempt to do a ‘big shop’ (aka like a £15 one), it would last like a week and all I’d have left is some chopped tomatoes and nothing to do with them.

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Everyone’s complaining about the media and news “scaremongering” and “catastrophising” the C-word. I don’t want to say it because I’m sick of talking about “it” and I’m sure you’re more than DONE hearing about it. Congratulations and thank you if you’ve actually managed to reach this far without rolling your eyes and clicking that wee ‘x‘ that shushes me.

But what’s actually worse than the media outlets, are PEOPLE. Y’all are to blame for this.Youse are scaremongering by constantly talking and panicking about it. And trying to panic each other instead of calm each other down.  Yeah, the news channels are writing stuff, but youse are sharing it left right and centre on your personal platforms, bringing it up with everyone you meet and replacing the crappy weather as the go-to small talk subject. NOBODY HAS COMMENTED ON THE WEATHER TO ME IN 2 DAYS. IN IRELAND. WHERE IT’S ALWAYS HORRIBLE AND WORTH COMPLAINING ABOUT.

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(I was gonna do a gif but this is funnier because it’s actually being serious)

People also the ones clearing out shops, which is giving the news outlets something to write about. Then other people see that shops are cleared out so they’re like, “Oh, I should also clear them out!!!” Youse are the ones buying more than you need and leaving students like me fearing for the last drop of soap which will probably be gone by the time I get home from work today. Not the newspaper-media-men. 

Do you know what buying 12 12-packs of toilet roll and 12 bags of pasta is called? C A T A S T R O P H I S I N G . Also, insane. And just ridiculous in general. Can I just say, if you think you’re gonna be home for a month unable to leave the house, the thing you’re choosing to live solely off is pasta ?? Come on, like.

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I know that everyone’s a bit scared and panicked, and fair enough like, people need food if they’re gonna be trapped in their house. So, I get buying stuff in “in case”. But, it’s so, so excessive. And unfair. Just because YOU can spend £200 on a huge shop to fill your American fridge and utility room freezer, doesn’t mean everyone can.


So, if you catch anything from me, blame yourself for depriving me of the ability to buy it 🙂

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