Why We Need “Naked Attraction”

Well, you’ve probably heard of or watched (go on, admit it) the Channel 4 classic, Naked Attraction. What a show.

If you haven’t a notion what I’m on about (or are pretending not to), it’s basically the weirdest dating show ever. Basically, someone single chooses a date based purely on what they look like naked. There’s 6 singles in coloured pods to choose from to start with, and each round sees a different part of their bodies revealed. The dater has to choose to eliminate someone every round until they’re left with 2 daters to choose to take on a date. The 6 people in the pods don’t get to see who’s choosing them until they either get sent home or if they make it to the stage where the faces are revealed.

Yeah, it’s that weird.

PSA: If you’re considering watching it, please don’t watch it with your parents or kids.

Image result for go away mom gif

To be fair, the success rate is pretty bad, like the couples normally end up having a one night stand after the date and never see each other again. Because they ALWAYS choose the one who you can tell by looking at them is a player over the nice, decent person. But O WELL. Serves them right for not listening to me, pfft.

Now, choosing to date someone based purely off looks and their bodies is pretty shallow, so encouraging people to do this isn’t great. But, in the age of online “dating” apps, that’s just how people roll these days. Plus, this show actually does another thing which cancels this superficialness (? – well it’s a word now) out.

You’d expect only the slim, typically “pretty” people to be picked, which they are to be honest (see above). But, they make up maybe 1 or 2 of the 6 singletons. The rest come in every shape, form and size. The thing with Naked Attraction is that it features every age (above 18, just to clarify), gender, race, sexuality and body type. There’s people with loads of hair, no hair, completely covered in tattoos, with no tattoos and medical conditions/ disabilities. So, it’s pretty different to Love Island, as you can imagine.

Image result for love island cast
Ah, diversity at its finest.

We’re so used to seeing the same type of people as models, actresses and influencers. So we normally only see a few body types in the media, clothed, naked or in ridiculously overpriced underwear. But, Naked Attraction shows everything that the media normally doesn’t.

It’s reassuring to people that there are other people out there like them. Similar body types, shapes and features. No two bodies are the same on the show, because no two bodies are the same in real life (less you’re an identical twin, but like WHAT are the chances).

Image result for what are the chances gif

Naked Attraction probably isn’t great to show teenagers, but, it could also be pretty good, too. It could help their self esteem and stop them feeling like they’re weird and answers the “is it meant to look like that?” “Do other people have …?” Just make sure you don’t watch it with them, not a fun time.

It also helps men people see that there is more than one attractive ‘type’ of person. The ‘type’ that we’re so used to seeing constantly online, on TV, in magazines and ads. The ‘type’ that, because we see it so much, we think that it must be normal, because, why else would you see it so much?

Image result for body type diversity

Naked Attraction normalises difference. It shows what a “normal” body and person is. Which is ANYONE AND EVERYONE. There is no “normal” or “standard” for appearances or beauty. So it’s about time advertisers, film makers and the media in general stops acting like there is. As us Belfast ones say, catch yourselves on, like.

So, cheers Channel 4. Keep making your trashy and not-very-successful “dating” show. We need it.

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