12 Weeks of Uni

Well, lads, we made it. This marks week 13 of uni, aka FREEDOM. Well, if you’re not unlucky to have exams in January. Which I do 🙂

The past 12 weeks have been, well, not what I expected at all. Because I wasn’t really “expecting” anything, so I suppose that might have something to do with it. As my ma always says, “life’s all about setting expectations.” So I’m gonna help set some by sharing a wee summary of how I’ve found semester one of scary final year.

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to put second years off. Promise.

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Week 1:
OMG HI, been so long! How are you? How was placement?

Wait, what room are we in? Is there a block 17? Since when?

Ooh they got new couches and carpet, snazzy.

I’m gonna dress nice and do makeup every day. I’m more productive when I feel good.

Week 2:
Wait, so we have seminars this week? Eugh. Was there homework?

Let’s go for coffee after this lecture to reward ourselves for going.

This module doesn’t seem too bad, actually.

If I just time manage, I can do this final year thing no problem.

Image result for getting degree gif

Week 3:
Let me get this straight, we have to do a dissertation proposal?? About what?? AGH

What the hell is a lit review?

At least the assignment’s not due til week 8, that’s pretty sweet. 

Wait, was there seminar homework?  

Week 4:
Hmm, should probably get crackin’ on that assignment, shouldn’t I?

Did anyone do the seminar homework?

Bit scared of that proposal but sure we can’t actually start it til week 9 so let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist.

This final year thing isn’t as bad as I thought.

Image result for i can do this gif

Weeks 5-6:
Okay I really should start that assignment.

How am I meant to write 2000 words on this? Let’s whack “in order to” in every other sentence. 

I hate whatever sadist invented Harvard referencing.

*Uses thesaurus for every word in so it’s definitely not plagiarism*

What seminar group are we in this week? Was there homework?

THIS has never been done before. I think this could be my dissertation idea.

Never mind. 

Week 7:
To HELL with makeup. Comfort is key. I’m more productive when I’m free to touch my face when I please.  

I just spent 3 hours writing a paragraph and it makes no sense so I have to delete it.

What’s another word for….

Moreover is my new favourite word.

How.Am.I.Meant.To.Delete.338.Words. Help me God. 

Right, need to go and delete all those “in order to”s.

Image result for bruce almighty typing gif

Week 8:

Okay, got it to 2199 words. FAB. One word to spare yepa.

What do you mean the title page counts towards the word count??


Week 9:
Phew, those two assignments are GONE. Now I can relax.

First meeting with the dissertation supervisor, eek. What if my idea makes no sense?

I have 2 weeks to do a whole dissertation proposal. No one talk to me I’m going into hibernation. I’ll sleep when I’m DEAD.

Image result for no sleep gif
* 8 weeks

Week 10:

Week 11:
Ooh exam prep lecture. Give me ALL the hints, thankU.

She didn’t tell us the questions. What. Why does she want us all to FAIL.

Telling us to bring in 3 pens to the exam isn’t going to get me a 2:1. GIVE ME A SIGN. ANYTHING.


Week 12:
We’re done. We made it. WE DID IT.

This was the easier semester. Oh no. 

Right guys, see you next year !!! Ha ha !!!

Can’t WAIT for that 2 week break after the exams before we start back and do this all over again 🙂

Image result for we made it gif

So there you go. That was a lil glimpse at my experience of final year. 
Let’s do it all again in February, eh?
Merry Christmas 🙂

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